Our Offerings

Suppliers & Supply Chain

Supplier Network Management solutions help to

  • Evaluate supplier portfolios
  • Identify possibilities to reduce costs
  • Provide users with information to take action

Through data analytics and visualization tools for material and parts rationalization, We provides Supply Chain Intelligence that helps organizations to take action on low usage materials and low quality, overpriced or low volume suppliers.

Employee & Ecosystems

Social business networks are enabling employees to leverage the mechanics of social communities, such as Like, Follow, Rate, and Comment. These new digital conversational norms are fostering natural collaboration between employees, partners, and customers thus creating a mutually beneficially ecosystem for the business and its customers.

Customers & Consumers

Engage with their customers using multiple touch points - UI/UX | Customer Reach | Commerce | Execution –

  • Highly focused user-centered approach towards creation of applications, portals, software
  • Implementation methodologies that blend user goals and business objectives
  • Audits, wireframes, prototypes and usability tests
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas to reach a common vision faster and saving time and money
  • Omni-channel storefront and fulfillment
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Product Catalog Management


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