Smart Tech is Changing Apartment Living

Smart Tech is Changing Apartment Living

A-list Apartments for the Tech Generation
Today’s apartments are more modern than ever, often boasting built-in smart tech and full amenities from gyms and pools to arcades and bowling alleys. But the luxury doesn’t have to stop there.

New technologies are taking apartment living to the next level. Hate taking your trash to the dumpster? There’s a service for that. Cumbersome Amazon packaging filling your recycling? There’s a service to collect that, too.

Why do renters need dog yoga, smart lockers, or a chef pavilion when just a few years ago a pool and a gym were the pinnacle of apartment luxuries? Perhaps it’s related to the growing number of high-income renters. In 2017, more than 19 percent of Americans making six-figure incomes were renting their home. That’s an all-time high, according to Harvard’s Joint Center on Housing Studies.

With all the demand for upgraded amenities, it’s no surprise developers are looking for app-based solutions to add value for their renters.

Pet owners are increasingly using services like Wag! or Baroo to take care of their furry friends while they’re away from home. Other platforms like Dwello or Amenify offer the ability to pay one’s rent through an app or request cleaning services on demand.

Home concierge services are also a popular option, offering a variety of home delivery services ranging from groceries and laundry to prescription drop-offs. Concierge startup Hello Alfred, for example, offers cleaning services, electronic installations, and pet care though one platform.

Valet Living, a well-established concierge service, offers everything from garbage removal to in-home fitness classes. They’ve partnered with TV personality and fitness expert Jillian Michaels to bring fitness classes and app-based training courses into your home.

Michaels said of the company, “Fitness needs to be a part of our everyday lives, so making it available within the comfort of a multifamily development is a perfect fit.” She continued, “Valet Living Home is going above and beyond the standard gym amenity, bringing group fitness classes to communities that enhance the everyday lives of residents and help ease their busy schedules.”

Other apps allow residents to view live video of their community so they can see if the poolside barbecue is available or check on their car in the parking lot (though this could raise some privacy concerns). One could also manage a visitor guest list, alerting the front desk to expected arrivals in real time.

The front desk can also use apps to send notifications to residents. Whether it’s a package delivery or a facility closure, properties can automatically alert everyone with just the push of a button.

Another important feature many apartments are incorporating into their app-based services is the ability to place a work order. Residents can schedule repairs through their smartphone, eliminating double-bookings and unanswered maintenance requests.

What if you need your car pulled around, or a guest’s car? Some properties even offer valet parking services with just a few swipes of the screen.