Business Improvement Opportunities

  • Control operational costs and transition from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Integration of various applications, systems and assets for real time data exchanges
  • Modernization and optimization of existing IT
  • Oil field modeling and simulation for performance productivity
  • Effective management of projects, portfolio, resources and mitigation of risks
  • Optimize supply-chain logistics, product mix and distribution
  • Aligning application functionalities with business processes
  • Improve asset management and utilization
  • Capture performance and maintenance data at the point of occurrence i.e. in real time and accurate
  • Capture incidents in real time and compliance reporting
  • Knowledge Management of all kind of content generated in the enterprise
  • Better collaborate with partners/suppliers and customer
  • Automation of key processes
  • Supply Chain integrity and transparent reporting
  • Better collaborate with partners/suppliers and manage their performance


Leaders Trained


Satisfied Clients


Awards Won



Solution Highlights

  • Oil Rig Data Acquisition IoT Solution
  • Real time Rig Data aggregation and analytics Solution
  • Fleet Management Solution - VTS
  • Electronic Communication Solution for O&G
  • Fuel Management Solution
  • Preventative Maintenance & Compliance
  • Oil & GasEDGE services and solutions for Energy companies
  • Field Service Automation
  • Pump Safe
  • Geo-spatial Asset Tracking of Equipment
  • Service Track Observe Restore Manage
  • B2B solution for Oil & Gas
  • Machine to Machine Condition based monitoring
  • Procurement and Spend Analytics
  • Supplier Portal
  • RTSE - Real-time Service Excellence


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